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Press release
Should we condemn the state of Israel?
In spite of the warnings of the Israeli government, a flotilla of boats with hundreds of activists of the Palestinian cause on board who were bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza’s population knowingly broke the blockade imposed by the Israeli army. The people on the boats inspected by the Israeli navy attacked the Israeli marines who had to open fire in self-defense and, unfortunately, 9 activists of the Palestinian cause were killed. The Occitan Nation Party laments the fact that people were killed. On the other hand, it understands the attitude of the Israeli government facing avowed hostility from Hamas that rules Gaza in the wake of free elections. Hamas is a movement which does not recognize Israel and whose objective remains to throw the Jews into the sea. The Israeli government feared, not without reason, that these boats should also bring weapons to perpetrate attacks against Israel. It announced that humanitarian aid carried by the boats would be distributed to the population of Gaza.
The Occitan Nation Party does not support a particular Israeli government whatever its political persuasion but it does support the existence of Israel within secure borders recognized after negotiations. This will not happen until Palestinian Arabs accept to negotiate seriously and give up violence and unrealistic maximalist stances. But we have to admit that it’s not the case for Hamas in Gaza. Arab and Muslim countries as well as the international community that are so quick to condemn Israel had better exert pressure not just on the Israeli government but also on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to persuade them to explore with the Israeli government the conditions of a true peace between Arabs and Israelis which would turn the Middle East into a haven of economic prosperity.
Occitan Nation Party
June 1st, 2010
B.P 44
F - 30201 Bagnols sur Cèze
Felip Bonnet, president

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