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Press release

Spain’s Catalan Parliament Approves Law on Occitan

anglaisThe Occitan Nation Party hails as a breakthrough the law on Occitan passed by the Catalan Parliament in Barcelona on September 22, 2010.

The Occitan language, called Aranais in the Val d’Aran has been enjoying the status of official language in Catalonia since 2006.

This new law will considerably beef up the official character of Occitan by promoting the use of the Occitan language in fields such as education, the media, the study of place names, the economy, administration and justice.

The Occitan Nation Party congratulates the promoters of this major law on the defense language rights and the MPs who passed it by a vote of 118 to 17.

It should be remembered, the Occitan Nation Party underlines, that as regards the French government it has yet to ratify the European Charter for regional or minority languages and it refuses to keep its promise to promulgate a law to protect so-called ‘regional’ languages.

The Occitan Nation Party emphasizes the different way Occitan is treated in France and Spain.

Last, the Occitan Nation Party condemns the reactionary intolerance of French extremists who fail to respect people’s language rights and to safeguard their immaterial heritage.

Occitan Nation Party September 6, 2010

Philippe Bonnet, president

F - 31440 Marignac (Occitania) +33 6 81 37 81 14




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