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The Calandreta school in Sigean (South of France) should be given the means to survive !

 calandretaThe town of Sigean, which had provided premises for the Calandreta, a bilingual school in Occitania in the South of France where the Occitan language is taught alongside the French language, has been trying for more than a year to expel it from them and to destroy it, even resorting to assault and battery while a mediation is under way and a rehousing solution is being sought. Such a strong hostility elicited from officials elected by the Occitan people towards their language, their culture and those who bring fame to it and pass it on is fortunately rather rare. Unfortunately it is to be found too often to a lesser extent among elected officials and state and regional or local administrators. They should on the contrary work together to preserve and develop this heritage. The Occitan Nation Party calls on all the champions of our language, all the democrats to show their support for the calandreta Sijanòta, and for the initiatives of members of Parliament who propose a law organizing state action in favor of so-called « regional » languages and cultures. It underlines that Sarkozy, as a candidate for the presidential election of 2007 had made such a law an election pledge.

August 11th 2011

Occitan Nation Party

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