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Press release
Liberty for the peoples of the Arab-Muslim world

From Tunis to Cairo, Sanaa to Algiers, Tehran to Tripoli, the peoples of the Arab-Muslim world are casting off the yoke of corrupt dictatorships thirsting as they are after democracy and a better life. In Tunisia and Egypt, they have chased away their tyrants. Elsewhere, they are faced with the ruthless crackdown launched by the armed forces but it does not deter them. From these earth-shattering events a new order will arise in the Middle East. For the Occitan Nation Party which cannot but support the yearning of the Occitan people, the peoples of the Arab-Muslim world and all the stateless nations for liberty and democracy, it is of paramount importance that this tidal wave should not be hijacked by Islamists, that ethnic minorities, Berbers, Copts, Kurds and others should have their rights to home rule first and to independence one day recognized and that a fair peace be established between the Arabs of Palestine and Israel. The Middle East would then become a haven of peace and prosperity.
      February 23, 2011

Occitan Nation Party

 Jean-Pierre Hilaire, acting chairman
    10 rue de Romas
47000 Agen(Occitania)
      +33 6 76 47 32 12


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