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Press release

French cantonal elections of March 20th, 2011

Parti de la Nation OccitaneThe Occitan political movement already armed with 5 regional councilors since March 2010, one in Aquitaine, one in Auvergne, one in Midi-Pyrénées and two in Provence, has activists running as candidates for 20 seats out of 600 to be contested again at the cantonal elections (one candidate for the Occitan Nation Party, 18 for the Occitan Party and one  for Libertat). They are still too few but it’s a deliberate strategy aimed at compelling the other political forces to take a stand on Occitan demands and to continue the slow process involved in seizing political power in the Occitan regions. What brings all these candidates together is stronger than what divides them : the will to conquer home rule for these regions. The Occitan Nation Party therefore urges voters to vote for them if they run in their canton or, failing that, for the candidates, whatever their political persuasion, who in their profession of political faith take into account the promotion of the Occitan language and culture through concrete means and the demand for a true reform of local authorities with jurisdictions transferred by the state being entirely compensated in terms of financing. The best method of providing this financing would be tax autonomy with most of the taxes locally collected remaining available for local authorities and only a part of them being paid back to the state.
      March 10th, 2011
Occitan Nation Party
Jean-Pierre Hilaire
acting chairman
10 rue de Romas
47000 Agen(Occitania)
+33 6 76 47 32 12

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