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 Homage to Mr. Jean François-Poncet

PoncetThe Occitan Nation Party pays tribute to the memory of Mr. Jean François-Poncet who has just departed this world. It will never forget that the latter, following an open letter published in the papers of Lot-et-Garonne in 1998, accepted to display the Occitan flag alongside the French tricolor flag and the European flag at the Hôtel St Jacques, the seat of the General Council whose chairman he was. He also offered to reserve a page for Occitania in Occitan in the General Council’s magazine to be written by the cultural association Agenés Tèrra Occitana. These breakthroughs have been maintained.
In December 1999, he received, in the presence of his deputies, a delegation of the then Occitan political movement, Unitat d’Oc, to discuss without waffle the proposals made by this movement for the future of the department.
As regards international relations, he declared to us that the Atlas des ethnies which we had given him, was his bedside book.
A staunch European and anti-centralist, he demonstrated through his open-mindedness that a candid and honest dialogue between Occitan autonomists and a distinguished representative of the political community and the French intelligentsia was possible.
The Occitan Nation Party offers his family its most sincere condolences.
July 18, 2012
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