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Self-determination for Catalonia

flag-catalanoniaIn answer to the call of almost all the Catalan political parties, with the exception of the centralist right-wing Partido Popular, more than a million people marched in the streets of Barcelona last Saturday, July 10, to protest the sentence of the Spanish constitutional court that rejected 14 of the articles of the new autonomy status for the Generality of Catalonia, and to demand self-determination.

This demonstration was meant to mark a new stage on the track to independence, in the wake of popular referenda organized in numerous towns and villages showing that Catalans unquestionably support self-determination.

It took place the day before Spain’s soccer team won the World Cup in South Africa thanks to Iniesta, a Basque player.

The victory would no doubt have been more difficult without the presence of Basque and Catalan players in the national team.

The Occitan Nation Party, whose objective is also self-determination for Occitan people is thrilled about the successful demonstration in Barcelona.

It encourages all our Catalan brothers of the Generalitat, the Valencia country, the Balearic Islands and Roussillon to fight on for their unavoidable self-determination.

July 12, 2010

Occitan Nation Party

B.P 44

F - 30201 Bagnols sur Cèze

Felip Bonnet, president

F - 31440 Marignac (Occitania)

+33 6 81 37 81 14

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