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Press release

Bye-election in Villeneuve sur Lot (Lot-et-Garonne, France)

The Occitan Nation Party took note of the results of the legislative bye-election in Villeneuve-sur-Lot on June 16th. They were characterized by a strong abstention and the elimination of the Socialist Party candidate, which will lead to a duel between the right-wing candidate and the far-right candidate in the second round on June 23rd.

The Occitan Nation Party noticed that in the first round, with the exception of the Green Party candidate who had the support of the Occitan Party, the candidates of the other parties showed no interest whatsoever in self-rule for regions and in the Occitan language and culture.

In the second round, for the same reason, it is legitimate to abstain. A vote for the right-wing candidate, however, could prevent the far-right candidate from being elected. His party, the National Front, is the toughest opponent of all the Occitan Nation Party’s objectives: home rule and grouping together Occitan regions in the short term and in the longer term the independence of the Occitan federal Republic within the E.U.

Nevertheless, whatever the outcome of the vote may be, there is no real future for the Occitan people within the French state and in an electoral system designed to maintain, with a few exceptions like in Villeneuve, the hegemony of the right and the left.

Our task is to make our countrymen aware of this situation.

Occitan Nation Party

17th June 2013

10 rue de Romas

F-47000 Agen

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Occitan Nation Party

Occitan Nation Party

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