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Law about the Occitan language in Catalonia

The Spanish constitutional court has just accepted the appeal made by the Spanish government and declared unconstitutional four articles of the law about the Occitan language in Catalonia, among others the fact that the administrators of the Spanish state shall be compelled also to use Occitan in Aran. Thus the Spanish government can cancel the vote with an overwhelming majority of the Parliament of Catalonia last autumn. It is undoubtedly useful to protest by all possible means but the Occitan Nation Party thinks that the problem lies elsewhere. As long as Catalonia will not exert its right to self-determination and become an independent state, the Madrid government will always have the constitutional means to reconsider the linguistic and institutional advances obtained by the Basques, Galician, Catalan, and Occitan people in Aran. The solution for these peoples is not a Spanish federal state but independence within Europe.
24 September 2011

Occitan Nation Party

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