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 Press release
Development and production of shale gas

The Occitan Nation Party has taken note of the French government’s decision to call off the permits granted for shale gas exploration and development by fracking on the sites of Nant in Aveyron, Villeneuve de Berg in Ardèche and Montélimar in Drôme.

The opposition and the resistance of the Occitan population have compelled the government to back down for the first time. If mobilization continues, the result will be the repeal of exploration permits on other sites.

Nevertheless, the possibility of exploiting this energy source through non-polluting techniques that are non-existent nowadays, and without seriously damaging the environment would raise the problem of the economic fallout for the Occitan regions affected. Only a strong regional power, regional autonomy, or better still, independence would enable Occitans to take advantage of their natural resources and to avoid their being plundered

7th October, 2011

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