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Fare thee well Dialla

 Dialla Konate - Mali It is with an immense sorrow that we have learnt of the death of professor Dialla Konaté. He was a true friend of Occitania and the Occitans. He had agreed to offer his relevant analyses of the world economic situation for our journal  Lo Lugarn. We did have differences of opinion on the national question, especially in Africa and more particularly In Mali, his home country, but we could discuss them in a democratic manner and with mutual respect.
  A great economist, a great democrat, a free and open-minded man has departed this world suddenly. We share his whole family and friends’ grief.
 As you say back home: “may his soul rest in eternal peace”.
 Please accept the heartfelt condolences of his Occitan friends and of the Occitan Nation Party in particular.
September 14th, 2012


Occitan Nation Party
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F- 47000 Agen(Occitania)
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