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Drama in Occitan has lost its master

Maurici AndrieuIt is with deep sadness that the Occitan Nation Party announces the death of Maurice Andrieu, who was the presenter of « Viure al País », the TV programme in Occitan on the French 3rd channel, from 1981 to 1998. A key figure in Occitania, he chose, at the age of 39, to give up his job as a medical doctor to go on the stage, his passion, and to create the Comedia Occitana Tolzana, an entirely Occitan theatre company.

Thanks to his grandmother who lived in Rouergue, he acquired a deep knowledge of the Occitan language. He was extremely cultured and unselfish. He wanted to leave room for young people. He was a friendly and attractive figure of the Occitan cultural world and we will miss him quite a lot.

The Occitan Nation Party shares the grief of his family and his friends. Farewell my friend. You did a hell of a job for our language and our culture. The best way not to forget you is to follow in your footsteps.

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