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 A new state in Africa : Azawad

Occitan Nation PartyThe Occitan Nation Party notes the declaration of independence of the new state called Azawad by Billal Ag Acherif, Secretary General of MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad) on April 6th, 2012.
 The Occitan Nation Party hopes that the different populations of this state (  the Toareg-the Arabs- the Songhaï- the Peulh- the Dogon ) will be able to express themselves freely in a secular and democratic framework.

The Occitan Nation Party hopes that a federal type structure will be set up so that all these different peoples can blossom.
 The Occitan Nation Party recognizes  the Azawad state, which represents a breach in the stupid dogma of the intangibility of the borders inherited from colonization in Africa and hopes to have relations based on friendship and exchange with all its components.

Occitan Nation Party
April 6, 2012
10 rue de Romas
F- 47000 Agen(Occitania)
       +33 6 76 47 32 12



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