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Yes to a referendum in Catalonia

The Catalan government and the political parties represented at the Catalan Parliament, with the exception of so-called « Spanish centralist » parties will submit to a referendum the question of independence for Catalonia and of the creation of a Catalan State on 9 November 2014.

The Spanish government in Madrid has already declared it would prevent such a referendum being held by all possible means because it views it as unconstitutional.

The Occitan Nation Party, which supports as a matter of principle the independence of Catalonia as well as the independence of Occitania, encourages Catalan authorities to carry on regardless of the undemocratic attitude of Madrid and to maintain this referendum which will allow to democratically measure the state of Catalan opinion.

Its hope is that a majority of voters will answer yes to the two questions, thus making the Spanish government and the European Union face up to their responsibilities.

The Occitan Nation Party assures all Catalan independentists of its unfailing support.

Long live free Catalonia and free Occitania !

Occitan Nation Party

13 december 2013

Long live free Catalonia and free Occitania !

Long live free Catalonia and free Occitania !

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