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Press release

Tax system reform

This week marks the beginning of extensive consultation by the Prime Minister on the French tax system reform project. The tax system is but an element of socioeconomic life, no doubt one over which political rulers hold maximum sway.

Precisely, the Occitan Nation Party is concerned about the financing of local authorities. The new responsibilities offloaded onto them by the French state, do not go with sufficient financial compensation. The creation of new jobs by French regions, a necessity for them to be able to shoulder these responsibilities, is not compensated for by an equivalent cut in the number of jobs provided by the central state. The central state is to blame for duplicated jobs and the resulting additional costs. It should save money by devolving human and financial resources along with responsibilities.

The French state is heavily in the red. It could save money, for example by doing away with departments and perhaps by encouraging the merger of municipalities, whose number is excessive in comparison with our European neighbours. It should stop financing a costly « great power » policy, especially in the military field.

The Occitan Nation Party, to make sure that the tax system is managed at the most local level, advocates tax collection by the regions and the paying back of a negotiated share to the central state. The latter should move towards a federal structure, eventually leading to the internal autonomy of included nations, in particular Occitania, then to their independence within the European Union.

Occitan Nation Party

27th november 2013

Occitan Nation Party

Occitan Nation Party

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