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Press release

How should Brittany’s problems be solved ?

Social unrest in Brittany goes far deeper than the Ecotax problem. The generalized use of identity symbols such as red bonnets and Breton flags, especially in Quimper, is the expression of the discontent of a nation put under pressure by the centralism of the French state at a time when it is trying to get a foothold in a globalized market and the rage of Breton people who had believed in act III of decentralization, voted overwhelmingly for François Hollande and end up swindled.

Significantly, this revolt gathers Breton national classes, especially small employers and workers under the threat of layoffs but also fishermen and farmers and the most widely chanted slogan is in Breton, Re ‘Zo Re (enough is enough)

The Occitan Nation Party thinks that it is impossible to live in a decent manner and to work in Brittany within the current framework of the French state. Brittany needs to cast off the moorings and become at least autonomous like its Welsh cousins before seeking independence like the Scots, the Flemish and the Catalans.

What is desirable for Brittany is equally desirable, according to the Occitan Nation Party, for the other nations of the French state, in particular our Occitania.

6 November 2013

Occitan Nation Party

Occitan Nation Party in Barcelona

Occitan Nation Party in Barcelona

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