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The Occitan Nation Party is greatly saddened by the despicable murders committed this morning in Toulouse, Occitania. To begin with, it would like to offer its deepest sympathy to the Jewish community in these tragic circumstances. Occitania because of its history and because of the Occitan national character is a land of brotherhood and welcome, whatever the ethnic origin or the religious denomination of the people who live among us. We are repelled by hate and deliberate murder aimed at a community, particularly the Jewish community which suffered so much in the history of Europe. They have no place in Occitania as well as elsewhere. The Occitan Republic that we want to build one day will be  fraternal, diverse and open, not hateful and inward-looking.
19th March, 2012
Occitan Nation Party
10 rue de Romas
F- 47000 Agen(Occitanie)
       +33 6 76 47 32 12


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